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Knowledge-Shaping Solutions was created to promote transformational learning serving collective wellness and more purposeful and satisfying living. Registered in 2010 in metro Washington, DC's Old Town Alexandria, Knowledge-Shaping Solutions is a US federal government SAM-compliant woman owned small business.

We are committed to advancing social change through active learning aimed at personal growth serving collective wellness. Our orientation is pragmatic and driven by empirically-based sociolinguistic discourse analysis study and insights from quantum mechanics, cognitive neuroscience, evidence-based psychological science, and philosophy.

Working with leaders in healthcare, education, and contemplative studies, we are devoted to advancing genuinely positive, empathic, and compassionate interpersonal relationships and communities, based on new ways of understanding self and the interplay of the nonconscious and conscious mind in the stories we tell our selves about others, and sometimes share in social interaction.

Core to our work is compassionate cooperation (D'Amico, 2014), an intervention based on the paradigm and methodology for thought and expression that invites and supports connection between self and others, the basis for healing the separated thought that causes fragmentation. Connection is the basis for human flourishing, and instrumental to feeling satisfied and happy with people and situations. It affects the quality and authenticity of individual relationships, and the functioning of workplace and other communities, influencing cooperation, motivation, productivity, effectiveness, collaboration, and morale.