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Knowledge-Shaping Solutions was registered in metro Washington DC’s Old Town Alexandria in 2010 to promote transformational learning serving peacebuilding, social justice, and collective wellness.


Our Mission is to understand the pragmatics of human interconnectedness, and innovate context-specific interventions based on that understanding that have the potential to advance personal and community growth capable of creating positive social impact serving collective wellness.


Our Vision is of a world where every person strives to practice “compassionate Force of Mind, Song of Heartcooperation”, actively and willfully generating the positive and unifying force of mind that shapes the interpersonal dynamic of connection, a requirement for building compassionate communities and shaping collective wellness. 


Our approach is based on groundbreaking transdisciplinary understanding illustrated in  Force of Mind, Song of Heart (D’Amico, 2014), which His Holiness the Dalai Lama has endorsed.

We extend the quantum view of reality to the context of human relationships. Within this paradigm, our work is firmly grounded in evidence-based sociolinguistics and discourse analysis study, psychological science, consciousness, and applied neuroscience.

We understand self as a dynamic, continuously emerging, and instrumental force of mind through which we shape our own values and identities through learning, as we influence how and what others think, believe, remember, prioritize, value, imagine, and communicate.

Our pragmatic understanding of self impacts how we view learning, not as an objective process or object to be acquired. But, as a dynamic, human, interactive and ongoing process of shaping self in relationship to what others believe, value, write about, teach, preach, imply, resist, and promote. Above all, we promote collective wellness as the measurable outcome for thought and social behavior intended to shape positive social impact, peacebuilding, and positive mental health.

This understanding is what sets us apart in our capacity to address familiar challenges in ways that have potential to drive positive social change.

Join us at  MindTame to talk about the many complex issues related to our Mission, Vision, and Approach.


Lynne D’Amico, PhD, MA, RTY leads Knowledge-Shaping Solutions, and works with many different partners, collaborators, and exceptional associates to implement organizational Mission and Vision.

Lynne D'AmicoDr. D’Amico is an independent educational linguist and discourse analyst with more than twenty-five years of experience developing leaders and innovating solutions to complex learning challenges capable of producing measurable performance improvements. A contemplative and registered yoga teacher, she is fully devoted to advancing pragmatic understanding and innovating learning interventions capable of promoting collective wellness.

SAM-compliant and woman-owned, Knowledge-Shaping Solutions is organizational partner to the Charter for Compassion, Higher Education Consulting, and Georgetown University Center for Intercultural Education and Development. We have teamed with Highlight Technologies as Research & Development lead at the US Department of Education, Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development (OPEPD); with SRA International and Business Community Synergies on federal government grantwriting projects at the US Department of State.

We have performed contract work for the Lazarski School of Commerce and Law (Warsaw, Poland), the National Association of Social Workers (NASWVA), the New Jersey Association for Mental Health and Addictions (NJAMHAA), and The Fenway Institute (Boston, MA), Sacred Circle (Alexandria, VA), and the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW).

We provide free services in our community through the Prince Street Practicum for Conscious Living and Community Donation Yoga, and give 10% to the underserved.


About the Author

Lynne D'Amico holds a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania, is recipient of the Department of State's Superior Honor Award, and a 2015 National Council for Behavioral Health award nominee.

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