Knowledge-Shaping Solutions was registered in metro Washington DC’s Old Town Alexandria in 2010 by Lynne D’Amico, PhD, an educational linguist, transformational learning specialist, and relationship happiness coach.


On behalf of Knowledge-Shaping Solutions, Dr. Lynne D’Amico is committed to advancing unifying social change in families, organizations, and educational groups through personal transformation serving peacebuilding, social justice, and collective wellness. Visit our blog at

Core to Mission is practical, new understanding revealed in Force of Mind, Song of Heart (2014), a book endorsed by the Dalai Lama for its attention to the development of secular, ethical attitudes.

Introducing a new basis for understanding self and emotions, this work is the outcome of three decades of largely independent ethnographic discourse analysis research in the Hymesian ethnography of communication tradition. It has been prompted by practical, professional problem solving demands across a wide range of USAID-international education and US intelligence analysis education and training contexts.

This work invites the humanization of strategic transformational learning, a dramatic departure from the widespread assumptions about learning that have taken root from the Standards and Accountabilities movement of the 1990’s. It suggests a new direction for community-engaged interventions, and provides an opportunity for meeting familiar social challenges in impactful new ways.

Force of Mind, Song of Heart (2014)


The Vision is of a world where individuals willfully commit to developing their minds toward unifying ends, which is the basis for peacebuilding, social justice, and collective wellness.

Dr. Lynne D’Amico is committed to helping shape a world where individuals actively and continuously strive to practice compassionate cooperation, a thought paradigm and methodology for shaping connection and healing separation between one’s own mind and the minds of others. 

Compassionate cooperation provides a sound basis for innovating interventions aimed at helping us shape our thoughts about others and the ideas and situations we tie to them in ways that directly serve collective wellness.

Proven Standards of Excellence 

On behalf of Knowledge-Shaping Solutions, Dr. D’Amico currently serves as Monitoring & Evaluation External Reviewer for UNIC@S, a global healthcare and human rights initiative funded by an anonymous US federal agency through Harvard Medical School and The Fenway Institute at Fenway Community Health and the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia Unit of Health, Sexuality, Human Development in the School of Public Health in Lima, Peru.

On behalf of Knowledge-Shaping Solutions, Dr. D’Amico has performed contract work for the National Association of Social Workers (NASWVA), the New Jersey Association for Mental Health and Addictions Agencies (NJAMHAA)The Fenway Institute at Fenway Community Health (Boston, MA), Sacred Circle (Alexandria, VA), and the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW).

Knowledge-Shaping Solutions is organizational partner to the Charter for CompassionHigher Education Consulting, and Georgetown University’s Center for Intercultural Education and Development.

For the Charter for Compassion’s Education Institute (CEI), on behalf of Knowledge-Shaping Solutions Dr. D’Amico is developing a comprehensive online course called Force of Mind: The Inner Journey to Compassion. 

On behalf of Knowledge-Shaping Solutions, she has conducted a feasibility study for the Lazarski School of Commerce and Law in Warsaw, Poland, and implemented an institutional level solution aimed at transforming English language teaching-learning in a dynamic global and academic education environment.

On behalf of Knowledge-Shaping Solutions, she has also teamed with Highlight Technologies as Research & Development lead at the US Department of Education, Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development (OPEPD).

With SRA International, on behalf of Knowledge-Shaping Solutions Dr. D’Amico was part of a dynamic technical solution proposed to the federal government and evolved and defended over a two-year period. We also teamed with Business Community Synergies as technical solutions grantwriter for mission-critical analytic human capacity-building and training at a federal national security agency.

Dr. Lynne D’Amico has served as an executive and personal coach, mentoring those committed to understanding how to engage the conscious mind to enhance their experiences of others. She has provided small-group coaching in three-month blocks through Pure Prana in Alexandria, and individual coaching in four-week blocks to clients across family and workplace contexts. She has also been coaching the Prince Street Practicum for Conscious Living since 2002, a community group she organized in Alexandria to promote the practice of compassionate cooperation as a methodology for promoting practicable ethics at the community level.

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