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Knowledge-Shaping Solutions was created to promote peacebuilding, collective wellness, and more purposeful and satisfying living through transformational learning. Registered in 2010 in metro Washington, DC's Old Town Alexandria, Knowledge-Shaping Solutions is a US federal government SAM-compliant woman owned small business.

We are devoted to interpersonal relationship growth and renewal serving family, workplace, and community wellness. Based on the premise that learning drives social change, we are committed to advancing a specific application of mindfulness, the practice of compassionate cooperation, an intervention based on the paradigm for thought and expression that invites and supports connection (D'Amico, 2014).

Connection is the basis for human flourishing, and instrumental to feeling satisfied and happy with people and situations in family life, the workplace, and larger communities. It is the basis for healthy systems because it affects the quality and authenticity of human relationships, impacting motivation, productivity, effectiveness, collaboration, and morale.