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Knowledge-Shaping Solutions was created to promote positive mental health and wellness, and more purposeful and ethical living through transformational learning. Registered to Lynne D'Amico, PhD in 2010, Knowledge-Shaping Solutions is a US federal government SAM-compliant woman owned small business in metro Washington, DC, Alexandria.

Core to mission is the belief that interpersonal connection is instrumental to our capacity to build genuinely empathic, compassionate, and ethical interpersonal relationships and communities. The capacity to promote interpersonal connection is not only a pathway for mitigating threats to civil society, it is the basis for happy, healthy, and productive workplace communities.

D'Amico (2014) details "compassionate cooperation", a methodology for inviting and supporting interpersonal connection that is based on a paradigm for thought and expression suggested by discourse analysis study outcomes and insights from quantum mechanics, cognitive neuroscience, evidence-based psychological science, and philosophy. She is devoted to working collaboratively with innovative leaders to apply this methodology to the context realities and situational vulnerabilities specific to their areas of practice.

To learn more about Lynne D'Amico and planned next steps for evidence-based study of the effectiveness of "compassionate cooperation", click on the link below.