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Knowledge-Shaping Solutions was created to promote transformational learning serving collective wellness and more purposeful and ethical living. Registered to Lynne D'Amico, PhD in 2010, Knowledge-Shaping Solutions is a US federal government SAM-compliant woman owned small business in metro Washington, DC, Alexandria.

Lynne D'Amico is committed to advancing social change to pragmatic ends through education and learning that applies a new understanding of self as a dynamic and emerging element in every relationship and community, not as an object. Working with innovative leaders who are open to new approaches and interventions, she helps them promote demonstrated change by addressing core competencies typically overlooked or oversimplified in leadership education and training. Transcending the boundaries of traditional communication models used in education and training, Lynne D'Amico is adept at creating performance based systems and interventions in physical, blended, and Moodle online learning environments that consistently meet standards of excellence.

Core to her mission is "compassionate cooperation", an intervention based on the paradigm and methodology for thought and expression that invites and supports connection between self and others, the basis for healing the separated thought that causes fragmentation. While the technologies, systems, and business processes serving objectified connection are well known and widely practiced at the organizational level, D'Amico (2014) is the first to detail an intervention for inviting and supporting interpersonal connection that is rooted in empirically based discourse analysis study outcomes and insights from quantum mechanics, cognitive neuroscience, evidence-based psychological science, and philosophy.

Understanding how to shape Interpersonal connection is instrumental to our capacity to build genuinely empathic, compassionate, and ethical communities. It affects our potential to shape relationships and alignments in ways that serve collective wellness and mitigate threats to civil society as they affect workplace functioning by influencing cooperation, motivation, productivity, effectiveness, collaboration, and morale.

To learn more about Lynne D'Amico and planned next steps for evidence-based study of the effectiveness of compassionate cooperation, click on the link below.